Amber Family
Amlaird Lee Amber -ET  EX-91
Exels Gibson Mika 12609 EX-90
Exels Hatchet Annabel EX-90
3-7  365  35,300  1430  4.1%  1014  3.2%
Amber is the daughter of the great "Chief Adeen".

Her full sister was All-American Jr. 2yr old (2003)
Amber's milking daughters
EX-90 Hatchet daughter
EX-90 & 92 Gibson daughter's
VG-89 Roy Daughter
EX-94 & EX-91 Goldwyn daughter's
VG-87 Advent Daughter
VG-88 Mr. Sam Daughter
VG-85 September Storm
EX-91 Sanchez
EX-90 Durham
4 VG Prontos & 1 EX-90 Pronto
4-10  365d  32,240M  3.5%F 1152F  2.8%P 932P

Mika has a VG-86 Pronto daughter

Offspring from Annabel:
EX-92 Sanchez
VG-88pt Goldwyn

- from the great "Chief Adeen" -
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Exels Goldwyn Anna 13384-ET  EX-94
Exels Gibson Angel-ET  EX-92
4-7  365d  33,590M  3.7%F 1236F  3.1%P 1069P
5-11  305d  34,420M  3.9%F  1336F  3.0%P  1041P

Angel was nominated All-American as a
Winter Yearling

Exels Goldwyn Abby 14394 - ET  EX-91
2-2  365d  33,090M  3.7%F 1245F  3.1%P 1041P
CTPI +1874M  PTA +3.26T  +3.06UDC  +2.43FLC

Abby’s Offspring
VG Shottle
VG Sanchez

Exels Mr Sam Ameila 14379-ET VG-88
2-5  365d  28,970M  3.5%F 1029F  3.1%P 915P

Ameila Offspring include:
VG-87 Sanchez
1 Time Due in December to Mccutchen
3 Sanchez Heifers

Anna's Daughter by Shottle!
"hottest cow we own" says Norm
Another of Anna's dtrs. sold for $38,000
(Top Ten sale 2009)
owned by Norm Nabholz and Legendholm
Exels Sanchez Alice- ET  EX-92
2nd Sr 2 - CA Spring Holstein Show 2012
3rd Sr 2 - Western National Spring Show 2012
Dam: EX-90 Hatchet

Exels Bookem Adriel 16973 VG-87
P9 6K GTPI +1964 PTA +378M +14F +28P +390NM +2.63T
1st Fall Yearling In Milk at Western Fall National Hol. Show 2013
1st Fall Calf -California State Fair 2012
3rd Fall Calf 2012 Western Spring National Hol. Show
Bookem Adriel is due back in June 2014 to Heztry RC*
Dam: VG Pronto
2nd Dam: EX-91 Lee

1st Place 5 Year Old - 11' Illinois Championship Show
Senior & Grand Champion - 11' Illinois Championship Show
All Iowa Sr. 3 Yr. Old 2009

PTA  +1743GTPI  +3.00T  +2.4UDC  +2.47FLC

Owned by Norman Nabholz and Legendholm