Exels Holsteins
Dam of Dundee:
Ruann Lassiter Dorinda

3-6  365d  28,690M 3.3%F 950F  3.2%P 925P

Res. All-CA Sr. 2 yr old 2008
Nominated All-American 2006
1st Western Spring Nat'l 2006
All-CA Sr. Yearling 2007

Musical has 2 pregnancies to Fever due in March &
4 pregnancies due in March to Alexander

Owned by  Morsan Farms and Stanhope Wedgewood
At Exels Holsteins
Lassiter Dorinda’s Offspring:
Ruann Canyon Dori 13754 VG-87 
3-5  365d  34,800M  3.4%F 1148F  3.0%P 1062P
Dori’s Goldwyn Daughter VG-87
Owned with Douglas Maddox
Exels Holsteins,  20002 N. Thornton Rd., Lodi, CA 95242  (209)334-3292. All rights reserved.
Lake-view Astronomi Taylor EX-92
4-8  305d  26,170M  3.2%F 829F  3.0%P
3 Generations VG or EX
Nom. All-American Jr. 2 yr. old 2007
Res. All-American Summer Yrlg. 2006
Owned by Adam and Lacey Van Exel & Will and Amy Iager
Den-K Champion Musical EX-91
R-John Goldwyn Greta-ET 
VG87 VG-MS 2-04
Exels Pronto Timone 12505  EX-91
               4-9  365d  39,510M  4.2%F  1627F  3.0%P 1177P
3-9  302d 43,430M  4.0%F 1735F  3.1%P 1332P
CTPI +1852PTA  +876M   +62F  +29P  +424NM  +3.4PL

Ms Exels Dundee Beauty  2E - EX 95
4-11  365d  30,190M  4.35%F  1314F  3.23%P  974P
Unanimous All-American Aged Cow 2012
1st Place Aged Cow Royal Winter Fair 2011       
1st Place Aged Cow World Dairy Expo 2011              
HHM All-American 5 Year Old 2010
1st 5 Year Old & Grand Champion 2010 Mid-East Spring National
1st & Reserve Grand 2010 New York Spring Show
2nd 4 Year Old 2009 WDE

Semen Available from Beauty's Shottle son
100H10898 Believable

Owned with Bennet, Thomas, Conroy, and Sharp
Quaresma Derry Farren  EX-93
3-9  365d  40,310M 5.3%F 2095F  3.1%P 1275P
5-2  365d  47,350M 4.0%F 1798F  3.1%P 1456P
Lifetime  8-9  2083d  225,930M  4.0%F 9044F  3.1%P 7148P
               Owned with Henry Grossi                 

Grand Champion CA State Show 2007
3rd Fat in CA as a 3 yr. old
At Exels:
Just Fresh Alexander Daughter
March 2012 Jr Yearling Fever

Semen Available from Farren’s Pronto Son
100H11004  Exels-HMG Pronto FISHER
3-5  365d 40,890M  3.5%F 1453F  2.8%P 1174P
CTPI +2106PTA  +1121M  +38F  +40P  +3.01T  +3.07UDC  +2.14FLC
                          +497NM  +3.5PL  +2.8SCS 8%DCE
Greta has 3 September Heifer Calves & 1 Male to AltaAirnet &
1 Numero Uno Heifer

Owned with Durrer & Grossi

Wedgewood Dorinda Dundee  EX-90
2-5 365d  33,420M  2.6%F 882F  2.6%P 715P

Vandyk-K Pansys Destiny-ET VG-86
3-2  320d  24,070M  3.6%F 863F  3.0%P 702
Dam 90pt Broker
2nd Dam 94pt Mark
3rd Dam 88pt Melvin

Extremely High Butterfat Testing Family!
All-Canadian Yearling 2006
All-American Milking Yearling 2006
1st Milking Yearling and best udder WDE 2006
1st Milking Yearling and best udder RWF 2006

Ms Air-osa PS Cali 10064-ET VG-87
3-00 3X  365D  33,290M  3.4%F 1120F 3.3%P 1101P
2-00 3X 305D  34,140M  96 3.4%F 1173F 3.1%P 1044P
GTPI +1775G  PTA +1000M  +31F  +31P
Dam: HMG Duster Arizona-A VG85

Cali has Daughters by Bolton, Michael & Million
The Bolton daughter is Fresh and looks great!

Cali has a Planet son at Alta Genetics
AltaAIRNET  11H10996

Ms Air-osa PS Abba 10067-ET VG-85
2-00  3X 365D  35,070M  3.4%F 1178F  3.0%P 1068P
CTPI +1843  PTA +965M +20F +29P
Dam: HMG Duster Arizona-A VG85

Abba Daughters by Roy (VG-85), Niagra & Active

Owned with Joey Airosa
Full Shottle Sisters with plenty to offer!

Ms Exels Dundee Brittany 13920 VG-87
2-2  365d  31,960M  1169F  3.6%F  887P  2.7%P
1 Fever Heifer

Brittany's Daughter:
MS Fortune Brieann 15300 VG-86

Ruann Lassiter Anna - 70651   EX92 -93MS
2-4  365  22,930M  3.9%  886F  3.0%  699P
2012 Ohio State Fair Grand Champion
1st 4Yr Old & Grand Champion CA B&W 2011
1st 4Yr Old and Res. Grand Western Spring National 2011
2nd 4Yr Old & HM Grand Champion Mid-East Summer National 2011

Owned with Ruann & Thomas

MSExels Shottle Dee 15640-ET  EX-90
Destiny's Shottle Daughter

Owned with Wayne Glaeser
Will-Tattoo Lacey-ET EX-91
38th Annual California Holstein Futurity Winner
HM Intermediate Champion 2012 CA Spring Hol. Show
2-7 292 28,690 954F 3.3%F 877P 3.1%P
Sire: Goldwyn
Dam: EX-92 Astronmi

Taylor's Offspring:
- EX-90 Goldwyn
-VG-85 Goldwyn
Lazy-A Pronto Eva 349-ET EX-90
3-2 284 39,900 1384F 3.5%F 1176P 2.9%P
2-1 305  32,110 3.0%F 955F  2.9%P 946P
Eva's offspring: 82pt Fever due back in July
Dam: VG-86 Gibson
2nd Dam: VG-88 Linjet
3rd Dam: Ex-96 Broker Elegance
Owned by: Madison Van Exel
Anna's Acme heifer Sells At the California State Holstein Convention Sale!
(see consignment page)
KM & EW Goldwyn Smarty Rae-ET EX91-92MS
Res Grand 2012 Mideast Summer National
1st 4-Yr-Old 2012 Mideast Summer National
Back by 6 generations of Ex, Back to Roxy!

One of Smarty Rae's Aftershock September Calf's Sells at the California State Holstein Convention Sale!
(see consignment page)

Owned with Triple-T & Mike Heath

Will-Tattoo Des Tinsley-ET
4th Fall Calf - Western Spring Nat. Hol Show 2013
5th Fall Calf - CA State Hol Show 2013
Sire: Destry*RC
Dam: EX-92 Astronmi
Tinsley is due back to sexed Sanches for a Sr. Yearling in milk...

2013 Nominated
All-Can Mature Cow